Breathing Art Into Pet Portraiture


Photographer Ifat Zohar specializes in pet & family portraiture.

Originally from Israel, she has lived and worked in the Netherlands for the past ten years.


As a contemporary portrait photographer, Ifat identified a growing need with pet owners,  the desire for a different kind of photo with their animals.


 “I was looking for a better way to tell my clients' stories with their pets, a more artistic way to timelessly capture their relationships."

Commercial & Editorial Work

Award-Winning Photographer

Emma _Ifat_Zohar_certificate.jpeg
Angel & Kilatero_ Ifat_Zohar_certificate

Rise International photo award 2019 

3rd place - Children

Chromatic honorble 2018-01.jpg

Chromatic Awards 2019

 Honorable mention


Winner of 2019

Photomaster Benelux 

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