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5 Tips for good horse sport photos

April 14, 2015


Photo horses is supposedly a simple thing.

But in fact  it's not really the case as you discover after the first trial. Blurred horses, riders come out too dark. for short - not real  a success.


So here are some basic tips fro you that might help:


1Look around before you start shooting. . Check where the light source is in order not to be facing it in front of you. you need to have the sunlight at you back. Look again and make sure the shadows are not making your item black. If so - change you position.


2. Sharpness and focus - Adjust the camera so that its point of focus will be the middle of the picture. Do not have the camera focus over the whole frame. That way you can concentrate on what's really happening in your frame and set properly.


3. The movement of the horse - proper motion of the horse in sport and also in nature is the movement  forward! front legs "faces" forward, Every other frame is "behind" the movement of the horse and not flatters him.

If you are shooting at Show Jumping competition - Take the takeoff to increase over the obstacle. Photos above and beyond the obstacle is not flattering nore horse and rider.


4. Do you shoot the back of the horse and the rider - it's not flattering to any of them and not showing anything from sports ... unless you have something artistic to show then again- focus on what you whant to say/show.


5. photograph what is close and not what is far away - a picture of a golf range with a small figure does not show anything. On the other hand, check that you are not too close to the characters do not cut and will show the sport at its best.

Pick a spot where you can focus uninterrupted ,  place yourself close enough and  at the correct angle and movement direction - in case you shooting at Dressage test..By leaps and bounds - 2 -3 obstacles chose to focus on them, there is no need to shoot the entire route. Select obstacles that horse jump toward you or a slight angle, but always in the direction you and check you have no other obstacles in the way.


Remember - your job is to present  the sport, horse and rider at there best! that why we are here for!


Good luck - and enjoy.

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