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Horse photography workshop - Israel

May 7, 2015


10 Israeli photographers gathered in the "Green Village Stables" Green Village complex in Ramat Hasharon, a second horse photo workshop of its kind in Israel.

While the first workshop focused on sports photography time photographers have learned to deal with problems that arise when required to photograph a horse and man together.

The problems that arise most often are adjusting proportions, angles and how to create an image that conveys emotion between the two.

In addition, photographers faced with photo light conditions of photography in a dark stable, at sunset, backlight and sunlight glare Israeli majority exists.

More experienced photographers the exposure compensation with the camera and with a reflector, group photo and multi-elements and much more.

Another workshop was completed successfully and with pleasure.


Special thanks to Tomer Asher, Anna Rusman from "Green Village Stables" and of course to all riders and horses. 


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