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Many objects - one photo

May 7, 2015


I was honored to be invited to photograph the Maccabi Holland Dressage Team first practice at "Freestyle Academy".

The girls are heading to participate at the European Maccabi Games that will be held this Summer in Berlin.
Photo shooting horses is always challenging as acquiring experience and finding a solution for every problem arose photographic field.

I chose this image this time to show how, by using only one object, you can manage to combine in fact many details.

If you will look closely will be able to see that in the mirror there are actually 2 more figures that are present in the manege. So while the focus is on the horse and rider in front , the eye also catches the other events that happened at this time.

My Tip: Use the elements around you to make an interesting photo event at a daily situation and try to tell the whole story that really happening around you by getting a special angle , reflections etc.
But don't forget to maintain the basic of the correct movement of the horse and rider in focus at the same time ...

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