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Who's afraid from Winter photo shoot ?

December 6, 2017



Every season got it's own colors . 


This time of the year it's the blues and whites . No, Never think of  ugly gray ! even if it looks like it outside your window.


Enjoy the mystic blues of the foggy mornings and the softness of white. and YES,  if you will look carefully, you will see that all the colors are actually still there - the greens and browns with tips of purple and bordeaux.


While I photograph, I am not only looking at my subjects,  I look around and watch the colors . They are what really makes your photo stand out. They give it the atmosphere and feeling your photo needs to be more than just another horse photo.


I also try to choose a location that will give an extra interest to the photo , but sometimes , no background is the best one (like in the head photo).  


Here are some Tips to help you make great Winter photos:

* Choose a location that has multiple opportunities as background with some textures and colors.


* Make a pre decision of what human subject wears .An outfit that will bland with the winter colors or a strong contrasted colors to make him stand out. Keep in mind that it's then becomes more of a  fashion photoshoot and not an equine photoshoot.

It's your photographic choice who is the main focus of your shoot and what is your photo's desired atmosfeer.


* If it's a misty day, don't shoot too far away as you may lose focus and sharpness. The fog is blaring the lens focus points so try to photoshoot with a tripod or be very stable.


* on cold and shiny days, you can catch the breath clouds of the horse. Get around him and look for the right angle to catch it. (like at these photo samples)




* Make an artistic choice - if you background is not clear, then use it to have a blurry background , DON'T FIGHT NATURE! use it to make your subject stand out and be the stars by their own.

*  As the photographer- do not forget to wear warm clothes and gloves . Your fingertips will go stiff very quickly... 

* Bring a blanket if you want to have a low engle photos , otherwise, you will freeze on the ground or simple get wet.


Here are some more photos from this first Winter photoshoot.







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