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Don't be afraid to dare

January 19, 2018



Studio Photo shooting with horses can be very challenging for the owner of the horse as well as for the photographer.

Most owners are so afraid that the horse will get spooked by the studio lights that they are not even trying to have a studio shoot with him. ( flash news- if you will not make a big deal out of it, they will not react to it at all).


If you already made a photo shoot with (or of ) your horse in a studio, you probably went for the black background shoots with your riding outfit. 

(like this one for exemple):


Yes,  you can have great results , but - what about making it UNIQUE. (like this...)


As an equine photographer, I always try to find new and unusual ways to bring the horse to life and show his beauty in my photos as well as creating a unique and different memory to the horse's owner.


To create such a thing and to bring some life into the studio shoots I have to bring in more artistic elements, and that means MORE PLANNING than the usual.


To make a great picture, you need to plan the look. You need to find your inspiration and start dreaming about what do you want to see in your photo.


Horses do not obey you when talking to them, but if you will create the scene in your head and then try to bring all the elements together around him, then 90% from your dream equine shoot is ready to happen.


The other 10% is the crucial moment catching between horse and a human.
It's a little more difficult in a studio when you can go only one shot at the time but be patient, use a good assistant for help you with the horse so the owner can be concentrating on being in the shoot and not with the horse and you will get it!


If your horse owner wants something unique - don't be afraid to dream and make it different. Don't be scared to think big and make a particular theme for the shoot.


Yes, it can be done with horses - you just need to dream, be creative and dare to try to be different.




(here are some more images from the painterly photo shoot of Angel, Gitano and Kilatero from "Bo & Rindy sport horses" )






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