Your own art by Ifat

My approach to horses and pets photography is rooted in the principles of authenticity, quality, and honesty.


I approach my work as a storyteller, not just as a photographer, so I can see and share all that is wrapped up between you and your best friend without saying a single word.

Offering both outdoor and studio photography experiences, I aim to give you portraits that capture yours and your pet’s individual personality and bond.


Outdoor Photography:

A fun photography experience in a beautiful location.

Every session is tailored to your pet/horse’s personality and needs. Photography Sessions always happen in a place where you are both comfortable.

The location is completely up to you. I want our time together to feel easy, joyful, and connected.

My aim is to have fun and capture images you will treasure for a lifetime.

Studio Photography:

Capturing your pet’s personality at my home or on-location Studio.

My Old Dutch Masters painters’ studio-style portraits offer you the chance to have the unique experience of you with your pets/horse. My studio sessions are styled for your personal style and overlook preferences.

I have designed my studio sessions to be fun, relaxed, and most importantly tailored to you and your pet’s personality. My goal is to give you an enjoyable experience with your pet and beautiful artwork to display in your home. 


Your own Fine art wall art:

I genuinely believe the true beauty of photography is having the images turned into stunning wall art, to be seen by your visitors and not to be left on a USB stick forgotten in a drawer.

I have compiled a series of tiered commission packages designed to guarantee the complete client experience. They include personal pre-shoot consultations, and the results as beautifully matted prints presented, or various hang possibilities for your final artworks.

The commissions can be purchased for your own pleasure or gifted to others.

before I begin production, I’ll help you get to the heart of your story with a Presentation.


I’ll walk you through the process of curating a collection of inspired, archival-quality prints for your home and together we’ll select images that best reflect you, your dog, and your friendship.


These photographs will not only last forever, but they will also tell your story, and as an artist, there is nothing I love doing more. 

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