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Who am I



I am an international photographer who spent my last eight years photographing mainly in Europe.


Since 2000, I'm traveling and learning through the camera viewfinder the differences of cultures, landscapes smell and taste of Europe.



After living in Paris, New York, and Brussels, I moved with my husband, Beagle dog named “Joya” and three horses to The Netherlands.



Through the years I have gained experience in nature and animals photography, specializing in Equine photography at the green fields of Holland and high-level International sports competitions.


While living in The Netherlands, surrounded mainly by sheep, cows, and young horses I took my best friend, the “Nikon” camera, for a long and sometimes icy walk and learned, experienced and felt what is around me.



In my photos, I try to bring the feeling I experienced while I'm photographing. I try to save the moment not only for the look or colors of it but also by how it felt.



Combining also my artistic skills with my photos, I try to express the atmosphere I have experienced at that moment of capture. I try to bring and combine between different fashion techniques and photographic looks with the Equine world to enrich it and make it stand out as an exceptional photographic world. 

That is what I think makes my photos different.



Feel free to contact me for any question or book a photo shoot.

Your memories will never look the same again ...

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