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The Woman Behind The Camera

“During a shoot, I am not just creating beautiful portraits but also capturing the unique connection, personality, character, and emotions of each animal and their humans.” 

(Ifat Zohar)

Israeli photographer Ifat Zohar captures her world in beautifully bright colors, sharp precision and with immaculate execution. She would say it’s only about technique, but Ifat combines her knowledge with an unstoppable imagination and penchant for creatively depicting invisible worlds.

Ifat developed her love for photography around 15 years ago when she relocated to the Netherlands with her horse trainer husband.

Photography became a window to a new world.  Ifat studied the behavior of young stallions, mares with their foals and the way in which horses communicate and interact with humans.

“I realized that I was learning by watching and studying their behavior and silent language, and I became acutely aware of their movements and communication. Once I knew this was what I wanted to do, I invested in a better camera and started capturing them in the fields, trying to bring what I saw and felt into my images.”

In her work, Ifat shows the special bond between humans and animals in their own unique way. A bond so evidently present but still challenging for an outsider to capture. Ifat’s equine background means she can add an extra dimension to her work, allowing the viewer to glimpse this unique equestrian world in all its glory.

Looking at a new and timeless way of storytelling, Ifat has spent the last few years specializing in photography in the “Oude Meesters’ (Old Masters) style. Atmospheric sets, flawless use of chiaroscuro, and sumptuous use of color-capturing scenes that would not be out of place in Rembrandt's time.

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