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The Woman Behind The Camera


Photographer Ifat Zohar specializes in pet & family portraiture.

Originally from Israel, she has lived and worked in the Netherlands for the past ten years.


As a contemporary portrait photographer, Ifat identified a growing need with pet owners,  the desire for a different kind of photo with their animals.


 “I was looking for a better way to tell my clients' stories with their pets, a more artistic way to timelessly capture their relationships."


Ifat's portrait studio work has always been inspired by The Old Masters' love for storytelling, and their use of light and dark to add depth and dimension to their subjects. Ifat's signature portraiture technique breathes art into the portraits of her clients.  


“During my shoot, I am not just creating beautiful portraits but also capturing the unique connection, personality, character, and emotions of each animal and their humans.” says Ifat.

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