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Beauty in Unity Photo book

Dutch Equine Masters

The Netherlands gave me the rare opportunity to reinvent myself, and during my years in this country, I’ve been inspired by its culture and art.  Through my photographic work, I've gotten to know its community of horse lovers who are connected to this unique universe and contribute to its glory around the world.

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The Story Behind the book

The Dutch equine world is a complex tapestry of individual characters with rich histories to tell.  With the help of photobook designer Sybren Kuiper, we created this book to represent that diversity.  Its unique design invites the viewer to focus on the bond between the horses and their humans while aiming to better understand the equine connection to the history and heritage of this wonderful country.  To highlight the intensity of these relationships, we picked an uncoated, matte paper that offers a ‘raw’ feeling on your fingertips. It also neutralizes the photos from shine, giving each photo depth and better visibility of the details of the images.  As I discovered new worlds with each photo shoot, the viewer can reveal the story and images as each page turns and unfolds.  Beauty In Unity has been a journey for everyone involved, and now it is your turn to join in the adventure.  Each story and each image is unique, and we hope that the layout of this book helps you to understand further my photographic thought process as well as the creative choices I made when imagining and capturing each character.   

Book overview

Book's Characters


Corry with Silverella 

Ifat Zohar - Portraits of unity in beauty  - 04.jpg

Priscilla with SZ Revelation’s Blue Bay Azul &

SZ Revelation’s Watch Me Shine


Anna & Beer

Annette 3.jpg

Annette with Nirvana & ToBe

Side saddle club_edited.jpg

Helen, Carlijn, Annemarijn with thier ponies

Ameland 2.jpg

Horse lifeboat pulling in Ameland


Roos with Ginga


Calijn and Santi


Chantal & Alvin

Elsbeth & Aaltje 2.jpg

Elsbeth & Aaltje with Roderick & Flynn


Iris with Okke

Jolie 3.jpg

Jolie with Bongo


Nungka with Sterre


Lara with Uitslover


Viviane with Lena


Marijke with mares and foals


Zefanja & Mrki


Marjolein with Astor

Berry & Wijnerd_edited.jpg

Wijnand & Berry with Irene van de Hazefarm & Maurits van de Hazefarm

Ifat Zohar - Portraits of unity in beauty  - 07.jpg

Christa with Vadall Fra Fensalir & Ási Fra Hvanneyri


Candice with Jefferson

Collin 2.jpg

Collin with Siep & Maud


Greetje & The dotted family


Jaco with Zilke

Millene 2.jpg

Milene with Turbo

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"Against my better judgment, I decided to venture into unknown territory and make a photo book about horses and humans in The Netherlands.  I am not native to The Netherlands, but my love for horses and this beautiful landscape empowered me to capture these majestic creatures in my adopted homeland.  At the onset of this project, I was underprepared for what it would entail, but now, after completing it, I wouldn’t change a thing!"  

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